Support this mission to hold WHO responsible in a court of law where we can prove the right to waive the sovereign immunity of WHO due to crimes against humanity and serious breaches of human rights, ethics, anti corruption in research, authorizations and procurement of experimental and dangerous covid-19 "vaccines".

We can make a real difference if we act now before the May 2024 WHA77!

2024 NO MORE!
It Is Time To Terminate Tedros


The WHO DG Tedros is out of control and must be immediately discharged without future benefits for breach of duties and crimes against humanity. The WHO is violating their own ethics guidance under the Director Generals terms, which prejudices the organization, therefore we claim the right to terminate Tedros & jail him (and all those involved).

The Evil WHO Staff

Stop the global experimentors

Unanswered charges by WHO:
Tedros Adhanom

Credibly Accused Of Terrorism, DG & Head of WHO

Susan Michie

WHO Nudge psychological experiments unit chief, Admitted Communist

Bill Gates

Investor Funder

Jeremy Farrar

Wellcome Trust and WHO Chief Scientist, involved in GoF and tried to shut down GoF investigation

WHO NITAG - Meet CR and head of Americas NITAG Secretary Roberto Arroba Tijerino - currently charged in CR for serious undue experimentation!

Private vaccine peddlers are in YOUR COUNTRY!
First NITAG meeting funded by Bill Gates.
Goal: Vaccine sales & uptake.

We have an international venue under Costa Rica's Universal Jurisdiction​

This case is brought by Interest of Justice, a WHO stakeholder civil society organization who is committed to prosecuting the many UN-WEF-WHO breaches of duty & gross systematic violations of basic Human Rights, dignity and fundamental freedoms.  There is a real solution to WHO global tyranny which begins by rising above inferior and irrelevant national laws to finally step up our game and enforce the international law of State and International Responsibility. 

LAW is our STRENGTH and violations are their WEAKNESS!  Be READY to sue the WHO & win! 

Why And How To Sue The W.H.O.! Join Us! It Is Time!

There are Multiple cases against the WHO.

Read more below about the various cases against World Health Organization.

The WHO repeatedly refuses to answer to charges and right of reply regarding the PCR test false positives and declaration of emergency not in good faith which violates international law & the WHO Staff Rules!


The World Health Organization is in serious breach of international obligations owed to the entire international community to protect basic human rights.  Instead of protect rights as the WHO’s constitution promises, the WHO has descended into totalitarianism under the merger with WEF, to direct States and private actors to violate rights. 

The WHO is even going so far as to coordinate and direct an attack on civilians which rise to the level of systematic crimes against humanity by aiding and abetting, as well as controlling, acts of undue medical covid-19 non vaccine experimentation and also acts of scientific psychological behavioral nudging experimentation.  Both types of medical and scientific experimentation are against the international law which prohibits such harmful unproven interventions on people without consent.

The video below is May 3, 2023 in the Health and Human Services headquarters. It was recorded by HHS “to advise the US government prior to the May 21-30, 2023 World Health Assembly. Interest of Justice advised the US and all member states to EXIT THE WHO & UN because the UN acts above the law, is unaccountable & will not answer criminal charges.  You are all welcome. It had to be said.

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Support The Official International Lawsuit Against WHO!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to show lawful solidarity against the WHO tyranny and takeover of all nations health policies.  

Join with Interest of Justice, the organizers of this initiative to sue the WHO!  

Together, by using the administrative and judicial record built by Interest of Justice and Dr. Mike Yeadon (former VP of Pfizer) , for over 2 1/2 years (see on bottom of page), you can join in the largest class action the world has ever seen to transmute the globalist attack into a real opportunity to legally discredit, prosecute and eventually prohibit the WHO and their cohorts “The Health Monopoly” from all nations.

Interest of Justice, together with people like you from around the world, are finally suing the W.H.O.
This is also a serious case for crimes against humanity in Costa Rica’s Universal Jurisdiction!
IOJ Expects the WHO and their cohorts to ignore our legal cease and desist demands and maliciously continue the experimentation and spurious changes to international instruments, that is, until a judge orders them to STOP their crimes against humanity that violate the HIGHEST LAW of jus cogens Peremptory Norms and human rights.

Sue the W.H.O.!

What are our plans with Sue the WHO?

We think it is really important to file a case to nullify the original IHR (2005) for mandating spurious WHO guidance under Article 42 "when science is limited".

Sue to nullify IHR original which led to covid-19 ​

We demand no Pandemic Treaty is passed, because it is written to include human rights violations built into the legal framework. The treaty is VOID AB INITIO & we will sue if it is adopted at WHA77!

Demand the WHO Pandemic Treaty does not pass at WHA77 in May 2024.

Covid non-Vaccine Cell and Gene Therapy experiments violate the right to be free of undue medical experimentation. ​

Stop Covid-19 non "Vaccine" Gene Therapy Serious Undue Medical Interventions Experimentation ​

The International Organizations, States and Public sector are out of control and monopolizing the flow of information! The UN claims "We OWN the science" and rig Google search results to show UN fraudulent climate science and shadowban truth that discredits UN fake science. There is a series of 100% VOID UN & WHO Treaties that must be annulled for corruption, climate scam fraud & violating jus cogens and international customary law.​

Stop All UN Treaties For Climate Fraud - Agenda 2030, Paris Agreement, Sustainable Development Goals​

Join the demand to the WHO Bosses to terminate Tedros for "prejudice to the organization". We are suing because they refused so far.​

Demand WHO Waive Immunity and Terminate Director General Tedros.​

Terror, censorship, persecution, de-platforming, de-banking, trolling, defamation, guilt as a tool to ensure vaccine uptake? These Project Fear type programs violate the right to be free of undue psychological experimentation. This violates UN & WHO obligations to prottect human rights including the precious * Right to free opinion (and the exercise thereof online and in person) - ICCPR, Siracusa Principles, jus cogens norms

Stop Censorship, Punishment of Expression From WHO's Serious Undue Psychological Interventions Experimentation​

We built a winning record against WHO. Instead of give into fear and tyranny, we were working on boxing the WHO in!

“The WHO cannot win this case because of the way IOJ set up the record with everyone in default and even refusing to answer criminal charges filed correctly in WHO’s ethics oversight office.”  

“It’s a slam dunk case that will resolve many problems at once!”

Dustin Bryce, Interest of Justice

Further Study

This lawsuit against W.H.O. revolves around future sovereign national public health policy creation. IOJ claims the right to propose and enact a viable replacement of the failing W.H.O. “one health” blanket measures that includes community engagement in scientific decision making and access to natural healing.

Sue The W.H.O.

The most viable solution to stop tyranny is to Sue The W.H.O.!

breach of duty

Opportunity To Be A Hero
& Sponsor This Lawsuit!

Sue The WHO initiative still needs critical funding and support from humanity!

Under WHO's own rules, it is a right and duty of WHO (and right of injured parties) to waive WHO Staff's immunity!

Interest of Justice Has A Series Of Lawsuits Against World Health Organization To Solve Many Issues!

Taking down the WHO corrupt megalomaniacal super health monopoly requires multiple administrative actions, information requests, charges and finally the key lawsuits.  IOJ’s case is at the final phase of having exhausted all remedies and as a result, IOJ has standing and the right to SUE THE WHO!

Research duties: The WHO is violating their own research guidance to do prohibited undue medical and psychological terror nudging experimentation.  

This breach of duty is so grave it warrants complete prohibition of the WHO in each member State. The court must declare W.H.O a criminal organization and order the full liquidation of all WHO, UN, WEF and accomplices assets.  Nothing less will suffice to compensate humanity.

There Are Multiple WHO Actions Attached To The Main Class Action

FOIA non response to missing ethics documents on website

FOIA insufficient response to WGIHR and IHRRC contact info

Non response to ethics charges for crimes against humanity

WHO FOIA incomplete answers, many questions not answered: The WHO keeps having secret meetings to negotiate and draft new IHR amendments and a pandemic accord or treaty while refusing to answer direct questions to give up the contact info for the decision makers in the WHO bodies IHRRC and WGIHR. IOJ wants the information to serve all delegates the lawsuits, and apparently WHO is inactive, so IOJ is forced to sue the WHO to find out.

WHO FOIA complete nonresponse to missing ethics documents: The best way to sue the WHO is to show they violated a rule in the ethics guidance. Unsurprisingly, WHO hides their guidance behind microsoft accounts, forcing the public to log in to the private company to see the public information.  Also many documents are missing entirely which name their duties.  Once again, WHO is inactive, so IOJ is forced to sue the WHO to find out.

WHO DG Tedros complete non response to multiple petitions and formal charges: WHO’s Independent Oversight is hand picked by WHO, so their “independence” is clearly dubious.  The “ethics oversight” writes IOJ back after each complaint with a new file # and tell IOJ they will respond in 7 days “if they need any more information” then they never respond or follow up. Once again, WHO and their oversight is completely inactive, so IOJ is forced to sue the WHO to hold them accountable to law.

These three actions (separate of the huge main class action and behind the scenes) will result in useful discovery to strengthen the main international class action.

Serious Undue Experimentation

No. 39061-S Regulations to the Biomedical Research Regulatory Law

Systematic acts of serious undue psychological and medical experimentation
Your right to be free of medical and scientific experimentation is a right that is non derogable which means it can NEVER be violated. It is a natural right that exists outside government authority to regulate.

Violations of Right to Free Opinion

Your right to free opinion and expression is a non derogable right that can NEVER be violated. It is a natural right that exists outside government authority to regulate.

Other illicit means

Read the following list of crimes by "The Health Monopoly" used against humanity in order to execute the illegal serious undue scientific psychological and medical genetic covid vaccine biological agent experimentation: